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Housing and homelessness

Every night a thousand people in Western Australia sleep on the streets. With your help, we can end homelessness.

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Housing and homelessness

The number of people experiencing homelessness is climbing and the cost to individuals and the community is way too high.

  • Every night a thousand people in Western Australia sleep on the streets, most of them sheltering in the city’s alleys, doorways and parks.
  • 9,000 are considered homeless, often couch-surfing and without a safe place of their own.
  • More than 25,000 people in WA receive support from social services each year. Around 40% have been victims of domestic violence and 40% are Aboriginal.

Ruah meets many of them. For more than 60 years, we have been providing compassion and practical help to vulnerable and disadvantaged people on the streets, in our centres and refuges, and in their homes.

What makes us believe ending homelessness is possible? Watch this interview with our General Manager Housing and Homelessness, Elsie Blay, as she explains how she believes the sector ‘working together’ is the answer and why the team will never give up until there is an end to rough sleeping and chronic homelessness in our community.

We work directly with clients and are actively involved in research and evidence-based programs that are leading the way in the community services sector. Our flagship programs demonstrate our success through innovation and advocacy.

When it comes to tackling the challenges of homelessness we believe:

  • If we all work together, we can end homelessness. Everyone wins.
  • Housing comes first. People need a safe, stable place to live, before they can focus on other challenges in their life.
  • Clients are the centre of everything we do. Everyone is different and their problems are complex. One agency can’t do it all but together, we can achieve long-term positive change and break the cycle of homelessness.


Ruah’s services are free. Here is how to reach us:

  • Newly homeless? Call Entrypoint on 08 6496 0001 or 1800 124 684
  • Experiencing ongoing homelessness? Drop into the Ruah Centre, 33 Shenton Street, Northbridge (catch the free Blue Cat bus from Perth), No appointment needed. Services operating until Monday 22 August. See details below.
  • Problems with your tenancy or at risk of becoming homeless? If you are in a private rental, or would like to find a private rental in Perth’s South East metropolitan area, contact Ruah’s South East Tenancy team.

Drop in to the Ruah Centre

33 Shenton Street, Northbridge
Open Monday to Friday: 8:30am- 2:00pm (closed Public Holidays).
Services operating until Monday 22 August. See details below.

More than 500 people drop into the Ruah Centre, in Northbridge, every week. If you’re sleeping rough, or at risk of homelessness, the Centre is a safe and welcoming place to rest, refresh and recuperate. We can put you in touch with other specialist services too including medical support from Homeless Healthcare, legal services from the Mental Health Law Centre and support from Centrelink. Ruah’s case workers are here to help you. Everyone is welcome.

Changes to the Ruah Centre

Please note from Monday 22 August, the Ruah Centre’s services are changing.

Walk-through support will be provided by the Ruah Centre team at 134 Aberdeen St, Northbridge (within Hapatitis WA building) between 8.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Services on offer will be:

  • Brief intervention
  • Referrals
  • Support
  • Advocacy
  • Document completion
  • Access to HepatitisWA GP services – (9am-3pm M-F excluding public holidays).

The Ruah Centre’s drop-in space and facilities at 33 Shenton Street Northbridge will be closed from Thursday 25 August, 2022 until new premises can be secured.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs team will continue to provide support in the community. Please contact 0422 419 195 or 0422 303 097 to engage with a team member.

Donate now! Join us in the fight to end homelessness in WA.

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